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Hey, Blake Lively has been cast as Carol Ferris opposite Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern film. In my circles this prompted a lot of “she’s too young” discussion, which I can get behind as there is a 10 year age difference between Lively and her leading man. And then a lot of “she’s too pretty/blonde/skinny/perky/busty/ etc. etc. etc.” comments — which I cannot get behind and I pretty much had to exit the internet for a while.

Now, I wasn’t surprised Blake was cast because I’ve known she was one of five actresses being considered. Not because I am a huge Blake Lively fan (I have not seen any Gossip Girl and my opinion of her is based on image searches; therefore it can be summed up “she’s cute and has an even cuter dog”), or because I am a huge Carol Ferris fan (I know next to nothing about Green Lantern), but because I am a huge Diane Kruger fan and she was one of the other four. (For the record, all of the non-Blake possibilities are contemporaries of Ryan Reynolds. Take that as you will!) And, honestly, even more so because I am a huge Carol Danvers fan and I think Diane should play her. In the movie. That I am going to write.

That’s what I got out of today’s discussion. I should write the Ms. Marvel screenplay.

To be entirely truthful, it is hardly the first time I’ve had the thought. In my head it’s amazing, the best thing I’ve ever written. In my head it’s my ticket to the career I want. In my head I get to collaborate with Brian Reed and then Diane Kruger (who is sometimes Naomi Watts). And they thank me, and love my work, and we all win Academy Awards. In my head.

I don’t live in my head. But, that doesn’t actually mean I can’t write the screenplay.

So I will.



  Sam wrote @

Ohohoh, this could be the first movie my soon-to-be-created production company gets made. Though I was going to go with a Montoya-as-Question movie, but I heart you so I can shuffle things around. 😉

  Magnet Girl wrote @

And then, we will take over Hollywood ❤

  Sam wrote @

Yes we will! Ad it will be gloooooorious.

  Matt Ampersand wrote @

For the longest time, my pick for a Ms. Marvel would have been Portia de Rossi, but I am all in favor of the Diane Kruger if that is not possible.

  Magnet Girl wrote @

Hee. I have my biases, but that is not at all a bad choice.

[…] but while I did enjoy Avatar, the Basterds are still getting my vote) and when I’m done with my Ms. Marvel screenplay, I just may send it his way. Yes, he usually (okay, always) writes his own stuff. You never know. […]

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