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The New Avengers Watch the Golden Globes

Why write a tired Golden Globes commentary when you can do it from the point of view of the New Avengers? As discussed in comments at Fantastic Fangirls, the team that fights together is the team that fights for the TV together… unless it is an Event, like the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Then, they gather around to squee and snark just like any other family.

Part One: Facts

Luke Cage won the team’s betting pool handily …and Jessica Jones-Cage took all credit.

Jessica Jones has a crush on Leonardo Dicaprio that dates back to Growing Pains. She didn’t find the gratuitous Leo! shots at every going-to-commercial-break gratuitous at all, and in fact, said Leo! each time, much to Luke’s chagrin.

Clint Barton announced at various times throughout the night he’d make-out with Anna Paquin, Amy Adams (despite being pregnant) , Helen Mirren (despite being old), Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jodie Foster and Olivia Wilde. He wouldn’t make out with Kristen Bell, but he’d hang with her. All of this if he wasn’t, you know, involved, of course (Don’t hit me, Bobbi!).

Jessica Drew spent most of the night wondering what the HELL Julia Roberts was doing sitting next to Paul McCartney? She was vindicated in her obsession when Julia Roberts announced that everyone she knew was wondering the same thing.

Peter Parker spent the night tweeting (liveswithsupers), much to everyone‘s chagrin.

Bobbi Morse is currently commenting on Fashion Blogs across the ‘net and cannot wait for Fashion Police (Joan Rivers is back!).

Carol Danvers went on a feminist harangue about Jason Reitman’s comment that “people say I write women well”; the team think she was just mad Tarentino didn’t win.

Carol was also upset Jane Lynch didn’t win, accidentally outing herself as the one who DVRs Glee.

James Barnes thinks it is all a bit silly. But he appreciates the family time.

Part Two: Favorite Nominated Movie

James: The Hurt Locker
Clint: The Hangover
Luke: Nine
Peter: Avatar
Jessica Drew: Julie & Julia
Jessica Jones: The Princess and the Frog
Bobbi: Up in the Air
Carol: Star Trek (upon being reminded it was not nominated) Oh, right. Inglourious Basterds.

Part Three: Fashion

Choice for Best Dressed?

James: Classic Hollywood Glamour (Nicole Kidman)
Clint: Yowza!! (Olivia Wilde)
Luke: Show me some leg. (Jennifer Aniston)
Peter: She has a hedgehog on her shoulder. But it is a pretty hedgehog. (Drew Barrymore)
Jessica Drew: This dress is amazing. (Maggie Gyllenhaal)
Jessica Jones: How can you not love her? (Zoe Saldana)
Bobbi: I’m so proud of her. (Sandra Bullock)
Carol: I would wear that. (Cameron Diaz)

[Interjection! Anika: This is the cutest picture EVER. (Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson)]

Part Four: The Best of Peter Parker’s Tweets

Re: Ricky Gervais
If you haven’t seen Extras, you should! Look! I can plug, too : )

Re: James Cameron, Best Director
RT @madmarvelgirl One day I hope to win an award and give an acceptance speech in a language that I invented.

Re: Robert Downey, Jr., Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical
I still think Tony is hiding as RDJ. After that speech, Carol is starting to agree with me.

Re: The Golden Globes
Did you know only 89 people vote on these? I think we should start our own awards. If you tweet it, they will come! Please Retweet!

Re: The New Avengers
Why is it so hard for some people to microwave popcorn? There’s a POPCORN BUTTON ON THE MICROWAVE. It’s tough to live with super heroes.



  Margot wrote @

This is absolutely amazing! Oh man, I’m so glad I suggested this to you. 😀 😀

  madmarvelgirl wrote @

❤ ❤ awesome!

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