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Irreverence is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

A meme went around the Internet recently entitled (eventually) Chromatic Casting (you can read more about it at Fantastic Fangirls). Like anything on the Internet, or anything related to “Fandom”, it has sparked some controversy, but whether it excites, interests or bothers — it has started a discussion, and I think that is a worthy accomplishment in and of itself.

I have stayed on the sidelines. I applaud the interesting twists on casting because I am a student of identity and it intrigues me to consider what core traits of a character are retained when her race or gender or experience are altered. I do not necessarily believe that was the purpose of the exercise, but that is what I took away from it. I am also quite certain no one meant to belittle the issues of race or gender in comic books or any other fandom. I know that I do not, just like I do not intend to belittle any of the earlier posts with this semi-serious but clearly also tongue in cheek one (if it is not yet clear, keep reading). My personal opinion is that comic books are, by definition, visual, and casting someone who does not at least generally match the visual is inappropriate unless the purpose is to change the story. To be a retelling, as it were, rather than an adaptation. So I have not participated in the actual exercise. I have only one thing to contribute.

How vital to his character is Tony Stark’s facial hair? Well, as my husband pointed out, Iron Man Armoured Adventures‘ Tony is clean shaven and he is still Tony. So I think it is fair to say beardless Tony Stark is OK. Therefore I submit the following:

Why should Quentin Tarantino play Tony Stark? No reason whatsoever. Except that it’s awesome! And if you have ever seen an interview or acceptance speech and heard him go on about himself and his art, I think you might see the connection. I’m sure everyone has realized I am on Team Tarantino for the Awards Season (aside: I still have not seen The Hurt Locker, but while I did enjoy Avatar, the Basterds are still getting my vote) and when I’m done with my Ms. Marvel screenplay, I just may send it his way. Yes, he usually (okay, always) writes his own stuff. You never know. He also usually (but not quite always) writes himself a role, and Robert Downey Jr. is a busy man.


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