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Things of a Thing!

A list of things I am doing/planning — preview for you, reminder for me.

(1) I’ve started a new fashion/superheroes blog Red Carpet Superhero. Whereat I discuss a few of my favourite things to look up online and chatter about incessantly: superheroes, fashion, and celebrity appearances, all mashed together. If you’ve any interest in any or all, or just ME, I hope you check it out!

(2) THE OLYMPICS!!! I love the Olympics and I especially love the Winter Olympics. I’ve already spotted LOTS of superheroes to post for the above-mentioned blog AND my husband and I are playing Heroclix Winter Olympics. My three teams are Avengers, X-Men and Titans (still accepting 9-person Hockey team suggestions if you have them!) and I’ll be posting the individual event listings as soon as they are finalized. And no doubt will tweet about the games as we play them. FUN!

(3) I got the following for Valentine’s Day:

I collect them. Because they are adorable. And until yesterday I only had one girl (Ms. Marvel) and the only Spidey I had was Iron Spider so I love this pack for me personally. For a duo it is a bit WTF? I’d ship Wanda with every other one I have (Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Vision, and aforementioned Ms. Marvel) before Spider-Man, and I don’t remember them teaming up ever but hey. Also, Spidey’s description on the back is “Smart, Spider-powered Super-hero!” which I sorta love. Smart! If you wonder, Wanda’s is “Magical Mutant with Control Over Reality Itself!”.

(4) So, in line with 1-3, here is a picture of me:

Regarding (1), sadly, I am not famous and no one wants to look at pictures of me. BUT. That monkey hat is my claim to fame in the fashion world. It is the most talked about accessory I’ve ever sported. Regarding (2), I am pairing my money hat with my Sweater-that-is-closest-to-one-featured-at-Vancouver-2010 (and makes my neck and waist both disappear, but hey again). I know what you are thinking, where are the red mittens? They would totally compete the look! I KNOW. Somehow I will get those mittens. Regarding (3), caption me? Monkey Girl! Y/N?

Stay tuned!


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