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Heroclix Olympics: Day One

Introducing the Heroclix Winter Olympics!! Taking the rules from this intrepid gamer, my husband and I each put together three teams and started the events last night. IT IS SO FUN. Seriously, this is the kind of Heroclix I play for. So here we are, in the lovely host country of Latveria — the 2010 Heroclix Winter Olympics Day One.

EVENT ONE: Alpine Skiing (Downhill); Men’s
(Required Clix Ability: Charge)
Representing The Avengers: Wonder Man
Representing The Justice League of America: Booster Gold
Representing The Legion of Doom: Clayface
Representing Marvel Villains: Toad
Representing The Titans: Superboy
Representing The X-Men: Wolverine

Wonder Man had the advantage going in but there was a scurry at first with Booster Gold and a surprisingly quick Toad pulling out neck and neck with Simon and both Superboy and Wolverine choking on their first run. Unfortunately, Booster crashed out in the turns and the gates took out Toad and handicapped Logan. In the end, Wonder Man soared to his expected victory, Superboy rallied for Silver and Clayface snuck in to take Bronze.

Final Result
G: Wonder Man
S: Superboy
B: Clayface
4: Wolverine
Failed to Complete: Booster Gold, Toad

EVENT TWO: Alpine Skiing (Downhill); Women’s
(Required Clix Ability: Charge)
Representing The Avengers: Ms. Marvel
Representing The Justice League of America: Hawkgirl
Representing The Legion of Doom: Cheshire
Representing Marvel Villains: Rogue
Representing The Titans: Miss Martian
Representing The X-Men: No Entrant

Hawkgirl and Cheshire immediately pulled out ahead of the pack while Ms. Marvel and Rogue (both long shot entrants as they do not show charge on their first click) tied for last. At the turns, Hawkgirl maintained her speed but Cheshire pulled ahead with a huge sprint; Rogue crashed out but Carol pulled up with a strong showing and at the gates pulled into third position with Cheshire. The gates damaged Miss Martian but she was able to sprint her way to steal the Gold in the final stretch — Hawkgirl finished strong and took Silver and despite an outstanding effort considering her disadvantage, Ms. Marvel finished a heartbreaking fourth behind Bronze medalist Cheshire.

Final Result
G: Miss Martian
S: Hawkgirl
B: Cheshire
4: Ms. Marvel
Failed to Complete: Rogue

EVENT THREE: Alpine Skiing (Super G); Men’s
(Required Clix Ability: Leap Climb or Super Senses or Combat Reflexes)
Representing The Avengers: Spider-Man
Representing The Justice League of America: Elongated Man
Representing The Legion of Doom: Batzarro
Representing Marvel Villains: Dr. Octopus
Representing The Titans: Nightwing
Representing The X-Men: Gambit

Spider-Man and Elongated Man do well off the bat and have the early lead, but at the turns Nightwing surges ahead and Doc Ock pulls up even with Spidey. Everyone attacks the gates with ease and it is a tight race for the end. But with an inspired (shall we say Amazing?) show of skill, Spider-Man pulls away from the pack and wins Gold by a huge margin. Dr. Octopus lands in Silver position, Nightwing picks up Bronze and Gambit ends a very distant sixth, if it were a straight race, Spidey lapped him.

Final Result
G: Spider-Man
S: Dr. Octopus
B: Nightwing
4: batzarro
5: Elongated Man
6: Gambit

EVENT FOUR: Alpine Skiing (Super-G); Women’s
(Required Clix Ability: Leap Climb or Super Senses or Combat Reflexes)
Representing The Avengers: Spider-Woman
Representing The Justice League of America: Vixen
Representing The Legion of Doom: Knockout
Representing Marvel Villains: Shanthra*
Representing The Titans: Donna Troy
Representing The X-Men: X-23

(*I have no idea who this is.)

Spider-Woman has an early lead with X-23 and Knockout in a race for second. At the turns Knockout gets a critical success and surges ahead with Jessica and Laura on her heels. But the gates spell doom for first Shanthra and then Spider-Woman, they both crash out and Knockout soars to an easy victory. X-23 is able to sprint to Silver, Vixen takes Bronze and Donna Troy is able to finish at 4th.

Final Result
G: Knockout
S: X-23
B: Vixen
4: Donna Troy
Failed to Complete: Shanthra, Spider-Woman

EVENT FIVE: Biathlon; Men’s
(Required Clix Ability: Running Shot)
Representing The Avengers: Hawkeye
Representing The Justice League of America: Green Arrow
Representing The Legion of Doom: Lex Luthor
Representing Marvel Villains: Kang the Conquerer
Representing The Titans: Speedy
Representing The X-Men: Cyclops

Biathlon is a long event with five full rounds. The combatants seemed easily matched at the beginning but the rough conditions took its toll as they went on. The medal for most spectacular failure was captured by Team Captain of the Legion of Doom, Lex Luthor, who jammed his gun twice in the second round and was unable to get in the mix after that. Cyclops and Speedy both took it slow and steady which worked out for Roy, who took the Bronze, but less so Scott who finished far ahead of Lex but nonetheless in a disappointing fifth. Hawkeye and Green Arrow pursued the course aggressively and Clint finished first, but one near miss in shooting (earning him only 3 points for that round) placed him just out of the medals in fourth. Ollie took Silver and truly shone, bested only by Kang who performed so dazzlingly there is an inquiry into his equipment.

Final Result
G: Kang
S: Green Arrow
B: Speedy
4: Hawkeye
5: Cyclops
6: Lex Luthor

That’s it for the first day! Tonight we’ll continue with Women’s Biathlon, Speedskating and other events to be determined. I’ll leave you with the medal count:

1: Titans with 4 medals; 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
2: Legion of Doom with 3 medals; 1 Gold, 2 Bronze
3: Justice League with 3 medals; 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
4: Avengers with 2 medals; 2 Gold
5: Marvel Villains with 2 medals; 1 Gold, 1 Silver
6: X-Men with 1 medal; 1 Silver



  Twyst wrote @

gaaah, jessica! nuuuuu!

  Magnet Girl wrote @

She has a couple more events. She can still get her gold!

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