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Heroclix Olympics Day Three: Men’s Figure Skating

We’re back in Latveria for the final event of Day Three, and one of the most anticipated — Men’s Figure Skating. For this event, each team may enter up to two skaters.

EVENT FIVE: Figure Skating; Men’s
(Required Clix Ability: Perplex)

Representing The Justice League of America: Green Lantern
It’s Not Easy Being Green, Ray Charles
Total Score: 199.5
Six of the eleven skaters attempted a quad, starting with Hal Jordan. Unfortunately all six failed the attempt, starting with Hal. He also fell on his final jump, which took him out of medal contention.

Representing The Avengers: Black Panther
The Umbrellas of Chernbourg, Ishtak Perlman
Total Score: 256.44
Black Panther started very strong but fell on his last two jumps; if he’d landed them he’d have gotten that 10% bonus but unfortunately his slips landed him off the podium.

Representing Marvel Villains: Apocalypse
Viva la Vida, Coldplay
Total Score: 171
Apocalypse had a rough night, landing only two of five attempted jumps, including the elusive quad.

Representing The Titans: Kid Flash
Grease Lightning, John Travolta
Total Score: 114
Bart skated with a lot of heart, but as a last minute entrant, he just didn’t have his legs under him and fell four times to finish next to last.

Representing The Legion of Doom: Two Face
Hot N Cold, Katy Perry
Total Score: 199.79
Two Face won the crowd with his entertaining program but it wasn’t technically strong. Despite a mostly clean skate, he finished in sixth position.

Representing The X-Men: Gambit
Pirates of the Caribbean
Total Score: 85.56
The X-Men’s troubles at the Olympics continued with a lackluster performance by cajun, Gambit. He was only able to land his low scoring jumps and had one particularly spectacular fall on his attempted quadruple-triple combination, ending up with no points for either.

Representing The Justice League of America: Martian Manhunter
All Along the Watchtower, Jimi Hendrix
Total Score: 171
J’onn landed the hardest jump on the night, a beautiful triple-triple combination, but his fall on the quadruple attempt cost him and his dreams of a medal slipped away.

Representing The Avengers: Vision
To the Stars, Randy Edelman
Total Score: 313.5
Vision did not attempt the quad and it was the right decision. He skated a stunning performance with barely a mistake and his heartfelt expression vaulted him to the top.

Representing Marvel Villains: Kang
Back to the Future, Alan Silvestri
Total Score: 285
Kang’s performance was perfection until his last jump — he fell on an attempted quad and it cost him gold. The skate was good enough for Silver, however.

Representing The Titans: Robin
Batman, Danny Elfman
Total Score: 228
Tim fell on his first jump but rallied to land every other one and finish strong. He fought hard but landed just off the podium in a heartbreaking fourth place. He’s still young, however, and I expect to see him shine in Russia 2014.

Representing The Legion of Doom: Ra’s al Ghul
Carmina Burena, Carl Orf
Total Score: 256.5
Ra’s skated last and put in a blistering performance. He faltered twice but a stunning triple combination secured him the Bronze medal.

Final Result
G: Vision
S: Kang
B: Ra’s al Ghul
4: Black Panther
5: Robin
6: Two Face
7: Green Lantern
8: Martian Manhunter
9: Apocalypse
10: Kid Flash
11: Gambit

Tomorrow, the women take the ice, along with Cross Country and other events to be determined. Here’s the medal count:

1: Avengers with 10 medals; 7 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
2: Marvel Villains with 9 medals; 3 Gold, 6 Silvers
3: Legion of Doom with 9 medals; 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 5 Bronze
4: Justice League with 8 medals; 2 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze
5: Titans with 6 medals; 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 4 Bronze
6: X-Men with 3 medals; 1 Silver, 2 Bronze


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