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Day Five: Women’s Figure Skating

We’re back at the ice in Latveria for our final three Figure Skating events. In this post, the Ladies. For this event, each team may enter up to two skaters.

EVENT ONE: Figure Skating; Women’s
(Required Clix Ability: Perplex)

Representing The X-Men: Dazzler
Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus
Total Score: 196
Three skaters of the night planned triple axels. Dazzler fell and was unable to land her second jump, the almost as difficult triple lutz, either. She rallied and finished strong but out of medal contention.

Representing The Justice League of America: Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Ultimate Dance Remix
Total Score: 112
It just wasn’t Diana’s night. She missed all but one jump and ended in last place.

Representing The Titans: Raven
The Sacrifice, Michael Nyman (The Piano)
Total Score: 280
Raven started very strong but planned two triple attempts after the half-way mark and stumbled on both. A beautiful program, and she landed in fifth place.

Representing The Legion of Doom: Star Sapphire
All You Need Is Love, The Beatles
Total Score: 392
It has been a very good Olympics for Carol Ferris. Her music and costume made her a crowd favorite and she had a near-flawless program, with only one two-footed landing. It was good enough for Silver.

Representing The X-Men: Shadowcat
Fighter, Christina Aguilera
Total Score: 140
Following Star Sapphire’s strong program, Kitty stumbled right away, popping her planned triple and missing twice more. She landed that same triple beautifully as the last jump in the program and the crowd loved her but she ended in ninth place.

Representing The Marvel Villains: Mystique
She-Wolf, Shakira
Total Score: 280
Mystique really sold her intricate and sensual program but it was lacking the power of her fellows. She skated a mostly clean program and put on a show, finishing just off the podium in fourth place.

Representing The Legion of Doom: Giganta
Big Bottoms,Spinal Tap
Total Score: 336
Giganta was a star, owning the ice right off the bat. Though her program didn’t have the sophistication of some of the others she skated it powerfully and with very few mistakes. She came in just behind her teammate, Ferris, ending the night with the Bronze medal.

Representing The Avengers: Jessica Jones
Ballad for Mathilda
Total Score: 192.4
Jessica came out of retirement to compete in this event for the Avengers after her close friend, Carol Danvers, decided to enter Pairs. Her program started beautifully with a perfect triple loop combination and wonderful follow up. But her time off the ice showed in the second half of her program as her stamina faltered and she struggled with landings. She finished in eighth place, but the mere fact she competed is worth gold in our book.

Representing The Justice League of America: Batgirl
Enjoy the Silence, Depeche Mode
Total Score: 195
Barbara started strong but fell on her triple combination, getting no points for either jump. The middle of her program included a stunning spiral pass and a footwork combination that was possibly the best of the night but she missed another triple at the end and finished in seventh place.

Representing The Marvel Villains: Elektra
Bring Me to Life, Evanescence (video relevant!)
Total Score: 602
The heavy favorite going in, Elektra knew exactly what she needed to do to win the night and she did not disappoint. Attacking her program, she landed every single jump, including the triple axel she placed after the halfway mark, thus gaining even more points. Her score hit a new record for clix figure skating and she won the Gold medal handily.

Final Result
G: Elektra
S: Star Sapphire
B: Giganta
4: Mystique
5: Raven
6: Dazzler
7: Batgirl
8: Jessica Jones
9: Shadowcat
10: Wonder Woman

Next report will include both Ice Dancing and Pairs. Here’s the medal count:

1: Legion of Doom with 11 medals; 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 6 Bronze
2: Avengers with 10 medals; 7 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
3: Marvel Villains with 10 medals; 4 Gold, 6 Silvers
4: Justice League with 8 medals; 2 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze
5: Titans with 6 medals; 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 4 Bronze
6: X-Men with 3 medals; 1 Silver, 2 Bronze


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