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Let’s talk cons and costumes!

Guests are being announced for Wizard World Philadelphia, I get weekly emails about CTCon, and yesterday we were reminded that Free Comic Book Day is coming up faster than you realize (it’s a day long event with costumes and contests at that store). It is, my friends, time to discuss my con and event costume for the year. Now, I don’t know how many cons I will actually get to, but my costumer (aka my husband) wants to get started sewing so we’ll leave such nitty gritty details for later and just chat. Here’s what has been suggested so far, pros and cons for all:

Katsuragi Misato, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Pros: The one con I know I am attending is CTCon, which is an anime con more than other genre. Unlike most anime heroines, she is my age bracket. She is recognizable and popular.
Cons: I’m not Japanese. No one is that thin. Eva is 10 years old. She’s a very popular cosplay.

Ms. Marvel, Avengers

Pros: She’s my favourite character. She has a great costume. She’s recognizable and popular.
Cons: Um, yeah, I don’t look like that (she leaves little to the imagination). The boots alone would be over $100.

Black Canary, JLA

Pros: She is recognizable and has a good and relatively easy costume. Plus I might possibly be a part of a group, which would be extra awesome.
Cons: I don’t look like that, either (and she leaves even littler). She is a popular cosplay.

Mystique, House of M (Red Guard)

Pros: Amazing costume. Mystique is recognizable and popular. She’s a redhead.
Cons: Difficult costume. It involves armor and facepaint and contact lenses. Pretty ambitious if I might not get to many actual events.

Olivia Dunham, Fringe

Pros: Simple and subtle costume. People who recognised it would be charmed, and I could be the only one. I could pretend I was Olivia investigating con crazyness for actual crazyness (this is very appealing).
Cons: So simple and subtle not everyone would get it, or even realize it was a costume.

Thoughts? Plus: I am still collecting suggestions for both costumes and conventions!



  Twyst wrote @

The Red Guard costume is my favourite, ever. EVER. But i can see it being difficult.

Olivia could be alright if you wore a wig… and maybe carried around a cow (hehe!).

What about Carol’s on-fire binary costume? or the one where she wore the black suit with the white armor?

  Magnet Girl wrote @

Yeah, I really like the Warbird costume: here. But that’s even more armor than the Red Guard!

Funnily enough, I saw a lifesize plush calf for sale yesterday….

  Sigrid Ellis wrote @

Jessica Jones as Jewel? (Pros, not many people will be doing it, Cons, it’s a skintight bodysuit that reveals much.)

Spider-Woman. Ditto above.

Karla Sofen as Ms. Marvel.

  Magnet Girl wrote @

Note: I’m linking pics for the discussion w/the costumer 😉

Jewel and Spider-Woman

I’d thought of JJ, too, because it is at least a bodysuit. The white is a con but the cut could be a pro as the top could be a (helpful) corset. JD, I don’t really love her costume.

Karla Marvel could be fun, her only real drawback (other than bare legs) is if I’m going to be Ms. Marvel, why wouldn’t I be the REAL one?

  Twyst wrote @

i thought there was another warbird pic, i will check at home!

  Twyst wrote @


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