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Ping-back Alert

It’s a catch-all update post, yay!

1. This year’s con-costume will be: Black Widow, as seen in Iron Man 2. It will be debuting this Saturday for the Free Comic Book Day events at Sarge’s Comics in New London, CT.

2. Most excitingly: My Dance the Revolution project will soon be up on Kickstarter to raise funding. We’ll be shooting a video introduction to the project on site at Minuteman National Park in Concord, MA the weekend of May 7-9 (if you are in the area and would like to help, let me know).

3. Bill Condon will be directing Breaking Dawn. I still don’t know his work and therefore have no comment (beyond being slightly sad it is not Sofia Coppola).

4. Miranda Greene has a playlist:

+ The Call, Regina Spektor
+ We Are Broken, Paramore
+ Blinding, Florence and the Machine
+ Creeping Innocence, Christine Lorentzen
+ Building a Mystery, Sarah McLachlan
+ Mad World, Gary Jules
+ Pills, The Perishers
+ Cut, Plumb
+ End of the World News (Dose Me Up), Tom McRae
+ In This Life, Delta Goodrem
+ Alice, Avril Lavigne
+ Aurora, Veruca Salt

It could be an Olivia playlist easy (or others, I share songs cross my types) but I’m calling it after Miranda. Because.

5. I was going to talk about Chanel Ballet Flats but I think they deserve their own post! But in fashion news: Don’t forget to vote for Team Pepper or Team Natasha at Red Carpet Superhero. LOOK! I came full circle.


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