On Top of the World

Well behaved women rarely make history.

Like Shooting Stars

I’ve been listening to the following mini-playlist all day (and really since yesterday):

+ Airplanes; B.O.B. ft Hayley Williams
+ Airplanes, Part Two; B.O.B. ft Hayley Williams and Eminem
+ XXXO; M.I.A.
+ It’s Amazing; Jem
+ Circus; Britney Spears

Sometimes Lady Gaga’s Alejandro slips in because it is so damn catchy and I am in love with the video, but mostly those five and esp. the first three on repeat repeat repeat.

The first Airplanes is whimsical and plaintive (one of my favourite words: plaintive), like a little girl looking up and imagining she could fly away from whatever troubles there are — and look around, there are a lot. We could all “use a wish right now”.

Then the second one gets angry and turns on its own whimsy to say that wishes don’t get anyone anywhere so wishing for wishes is pretty much the most pointless thing someone can do.

XXXO came to my attention because of the lyric:

We can find ways
To expand what you know
I can be the actress you be Tarantino

This is my current email signature. But the song’s main thought is “you want me be somebody who I’m really not” and it has been very relevant lately with my interviewing and kinderdance recitaling and what not. I’ve been very busy Being What You Want.

And then it leads into It’s Amazing (my theme song, look to the right) which is about taking control of yourself and your life — boldness has magic in it and all that.

Finally Circus may seem an odd coda but it encompasses all the ideas — life is a show but it’s yours to run if you just do it (let’s pretend I don’t sound like a Nike ad).

But because I’m me, I have to make it prettier and more abstract to really get my point (such as it is) across. So here you go:


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