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30 Days of Comics : Marvel

My friend Sam and I are going to do this meme concurrently — me with Marvel and her with DC. My answers will be posted to my tumblr and I will update this post with the links as I go.

Day #1: Your favorite character
Carol Danvers

Day #2: Your favorite villain

Day #3: Your favorite diva
Wanda Maximoff

Day #4: Your favorite royal
Luna Maximoff

Day #5: Your favorite team
New Avengers

Day #6: Your favorite organization

Day #7: Your favorite creature

Day #8: Your favorite movie
Spider-Man 2

Day #9: Your favorite classic character
Jean Grey

Day #10: Your favorite costume
Red Guard, House of M

Day #11: Your favorite power
Chaos Magic

Day #12: Your favorite weapon

Day #13: Your least favorite character

Day #14: Your favorite romance
Alex and Lorna

Day #15: The best rivalry
Xavier and Magneto

Day #16: The most powerful character
Franklin Richards

Day #17: Your favorite god

Day #18: Your favorite comic to screen character adaptation

Day #19: Your least favorite comic to screen character adaptation
Mary Jane Watson

Day #20: Your best casting of a character (if you were casting)
Diane Kruger as Carol Danvers

Day #21: The most memorable death
Jean Grey (Grant Morrison)

Day #22: Your favorite universe/dimension

Day #23: The best form of transportation

Day #24: Your favorite cartoon adaptation
Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Day #25: Your favorite video game
{Insert Superhero Dating Sim Here}

Day #26: Your favorite elementalist
The Storm Siblings

Day #27: Your favorite non-human race

Day #28: Your favorite comic time period
“People don’t talk that way anymore…”

Day #29: Your favorite series you would suggest to read
Hawkeye and Mockingbird

Day #30: Your favorite Marvel Event
Avengers Disassembled



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