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Mightiest Ducks EVER

Today on Twitter, Jen (throughthebrush) suggested that post Pacey-Con Joshua Jackson should have a Charlie Con(way) and we started discussing The Mighty Ducks and what Charlie and company would be up to today. And I thought: ZOMG GROWN UP CHARLIE SEQUEL PLEASE!

People jumped in and here we are. Thank you to throughthebrush, fyreball13, danfaust, jennIRL, ladysarai, xenokattz, and samfeasor for playing with me.

I bring you: MIGHTY DUCKS 4Ever

It is 10 years later, Charlie Conway is a sports announcer in the Big City. The opening is Charlie on the ice, playing hockey — we think he’s a pro, but it turns out to be a shoot for a TV promo for his sweet announcer job — he’s asked if he misses playing but he says, no, no time to miss the ice or his small town rink past in his High Powered Fast Lane Big City Life. BUT WE KNOW THE TRUTH.

Meanwhile in the Small City, the Ducks are grown up. We see Goldberg and Fulton, down on their luck and Fulton has a drinking problem. They spend their nights in a bar watching Charlie announce games featuring Adam in the NHL. Then the news comes — Evil Corporation is going to bulldoze the rink to put up a Big Box Store, and pave over the pond they used to practice on. The Ducks will never fly again!!!!!


Goldberg and Fulton and others in town mount an operation to push back against Evil Corporation. They contact Charlie and Adam and all the Ducks but don’t hear back. They are alone and they are outmatched, their rally goes wrong and the rink burns down. Evil Corporation sues with representation from Duckworth’s in the form of Hot Lawyer. The trial is going very badly, it looks like not only will the Big Box Store win the day, they will take over all of Small City and pee wee hocky will be no more. It appears that all is lost —

When Charlie and Gordon (still a lawyer!) show up and with insane courtroom antics convince the judge to order this dispute be decided by A HOCKEY GAME.

The Ducks reform and start training. The Evil Corporation hire pros on the off season but the Ducks have HEART. A training montage ensues. Portman saves Fulton from his drinking and Charlie romances the Hot Lawyer. Since they have no rink to play the game on Adam gets them into his team’s home ice and Charlie gets them on national TV. Everyone in America is rooting for the Ducks.

The game is amazing, the ducks play their mightiest — But they lose! Everyone cries. Everyone except the guys from Evil Corporation who give a speech about being the Future and that No One Can Stop Them. EXCEPT Hot Lawyer explains to the judge that Evil Corporation has An Evil Plot and therefore everything should be void. Judge agrees! MIGHTY DUCKS WIN!

Hot Lawyer quits Evil Law Firm and Charlie moves back to Small City. Adam’s team rebuild the rink and fund a brand new peewee hockey program. The movie ends with Charlie coaching a new team while Goldberg, Fulton, Adam, Hot Lawyer, Gordon, and Charlie’s mom cheer him on.

All is right in the world.

Also, I totally want a Charlie Con(way) and suggest New York Comic Con be the venue. Someone let Josh know, okay?



  Sam wrote @

holy hell! they need to make this! stat!
i love it.

  Gabby wrote @

Agreed times one thousand.

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