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Top 10 Fictional Characters I Would Totally Marry

10. Captain Von Trapp

I blame the fact that I need a second list of characters I Would Totally Marry Despite Knowing I’d Be Miserable on Captain Von Trapp. But he doesn’t make that list because it’s clear he’s a wonderful husband so long as love is involved.

9. Han Solo

Do I need to explain this?

8. Doug Ross

I like character flaws, okay? I love complicated. And in the end Doug is a good guy, a family man, and totally marry-able.

7. Maximilian Jenius

My first ‘anime boyfriend’. He’s just too adorable and I will always love him.

6. Henry Hellrung

This is where Tony Stark would go except he’s on the other list. Henry is the husband version of Tony. Also, I couldn’t find any good scans and mine are missing so he looks like Robert Downey, Jr. BONUS.

5. Mamoru Chiba

My other anime boyfriend. He fights crime IN A TUXEDO by throwing roses and spouting random wisdom which reminds his lady love that she is superpowerfully awesome. The attraction is obvious, right? (Also Mamo-chan starts off a total jerk and if you haven’t figured out yet, that’s my type)

4. Tom Paris

He’s the anti-hero and the golden boy at once. And he’s secretly a super-dork. All my types in one!

3. Peter Parker

I say it here. If I were a comic book character I would be Mary Jane Watson. Therefore!

2. Fitzwilliam Darcy

Oh, come on, who wouldn’t?!

1. Pacey Witter


Some fun stats:
3 from TV
2 from Movies
2 from Anime
2 from Comics
1 from Literature
2 are also from Musicals
3 Pilots
3 Superheroes
2 Military
2 have seven children
3 have twin children
4 have daughters that follow in their footsteps


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