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Well behaved women rarely make history.

Top Ten Fictional Characters I Would Totally Marry Despite Expecting Misery

Fictional Spouses the Sequel, none of these men would make a good spouse, a few of them have proved it. But I would still go through with it.


James Bond

Lord Asriel

Gregory House

Don Draper

Bruce Wayne

Tony Stark

James Kirk

Anakin Skywalker

Gaius Baltar and Imaginary Six

3 from TV
2 from Movies
2 from Comics
2 from Literature
But Bond is really from the movies
And Bale and RDJ definitely tip the scales
And Kirk is from TV but the one I love is in the most recent movie
1-3 more pilots (Anakin yes, Kirk&Stark sorta)
2 more superheroes
3 more Military
2 nobility
Plus Bruce
1 superspy
6 supergeniuses
10 guys with super issues
1 with twin children


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