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The Happiest Place on Earth

I wasn’t going to post anything about the trip until I had my pictures online to share — but we took over 900 pictures (!!!). So, here is a glance at our vacay, full posts with pic links to come as I go through them 😉

December 24: Downtown Disney’s T-Rex, the restaurant my chaos powers created for Aeris (or maybe she inherited the chaos and created it herself!). She would have happily spent the entire week digging for dinosaur bones.

December 25: There is nothing like going to the Magic Kingdom before sunrise on Christmas Day. Plus the Hoop-De-Doo Revue.

December 26: Despite temperatures so cold we were literally crying, we rocked Epcot. Crush and Aeris had a heart-to-heart. Christian got to see British Invasion. Dinner included a Princess Parade. Guest appearance by Edward James Olmos.

December 27: Hollywood Studios was our most successful day. Kiki’s favorite restaurant. Aeris’ favorite show (and her hilariously least favorite ride she renamed “The Tower of Stupid”) . A million twinkling lights. And Toy Story.

December 28: Even at Disney’s Animal Kingdom my Monkey Hat was a huge hit. Kiki played Pokemon Snap on the safari. I went on Everest three times. Aeris would have happily spent the entire time digging for dinosaur bones. Then we hopped over to Epcot on the TRON monorail and played Kim Possible in the World Showcase.

December 29: Everyone should go to Disney on their birthday, it is perfectly magical. And turning 35 did not stop me from dressing like Alice in Wonderland for the day.

December 30: Universal Studios has nothing on Disney in my eyes (zomg the disorganization) but we spent a wonderful day at the truly magical Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And briefly visited the World of Marvel Heroes on the way out (where Namor lords over the bathroom).

December 31-January 4: Three beaches in three days led to a not-so-relaxing-but-entertaining New Year’s visit with FL-based family. An alligator, dolphins, and birds, birds, and more birds. Btw, if I lived in Orlando, Downtown Disney would totally be my LCS.

Happy New Year, everybody!


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