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Well behaved women rarely make history.


The internet, it is vast and busy, and as I attempt to navigate it I wonder — how do YOU do it? I know I am not the only one out here in netspace with accounts every which where and I am curious: which do you really use, how do you use them and why do you use them that way?

Some examples:

+personal blogs (as in only one person writes, not necessarily about their personal life)
+collective blogs (as in more than one person writes)
+community blogs (as in you get an account and some of your own content)
+livejournal-type blogs
+tumblr blogs
+review sites that are not called blogs even if they act the same
+message boards for review sites
+message boards for other sites
+message boards that stand alone
+Google {clones of the above}

Tony Stark isn’t available to explain social media to me. Can you?



  Sigrid Ellis wrote @

This is a really long answer! I’ll try to come up with something and email or post it …

  Ragnell wrote @

My answer’s a bit long for a comment section, so here: http://ragnell.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-history-of-internet-haunts.html

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