On Top of the World

Well behaved women rarely make history.


It started with the new USA series Fairly Legal. USA has been making series just for me for longer than you probably remember USA making series — because the first one was La Femme Nikita (starring Peta Wilson) not to be confused with Nikita (starring Maggie Q). ANYWAY, Fairly Legal is about a young woman, Kate, who wants the system to live up to its ideals and will force it if she has to. And she also has Serious Daddy Issues, and an ex-husband she’s still in love with (played by ANDERS). And her brother was in Empire Records. And she lives on a BOAT. All this and we’re only two episodes in.

But that’s not what started it. What started it is Kate’s ringtones. She has her ringtones assigned to the people in her life (aka, the other characters in the show) via The Wizard of Oz. She’s cast herself as Dorothy and inserted everybody who matters into that version of her reality(/fantasy). This is a nice gimmick for the show. This is also what I do every day. So, of course, I LOVE IT. And, of course, I wanted to immediately copy the idea.

But I can’t use The Wizard of Oz because Kate did and I don’t copy EXACTLY. And I don’t know if I’m really a Kate yet anyway and even if I am, Dorothy isn’t my totem. So.

First I tried to come up with stories that had enough songs to go around but that led me to either musical theater or Star Wars. Neither quite worked for me. I decided maybe I didn’t need to start with the music. Maybe if I chose my character/story first, the rest would fall in line.

Which is where my question about character identification came from — the one I asked anyone whose Formspring account I know, and/or anyone who has chatted with me in the last two weeks. The answers ranged from a name only to a personal story to a dissertation on why this is such a hard question to and I appreciate them all. My answer is usually answers and is usually in flux. But here’s this moment.

Alice. It always comes back to Alice. The only thing wrong with Alice is that she’s six years old.

Which is how I’ve gotten to Allison. Here‘s my start on why (and if you are wondering if it is significant that the people who made her up clearly lost the plot on who she is, yes, absolutely it is).

On a not really but maybe related note I want my dreamworld totem as defined in Inception to be a pack of cards. I wish it could be a white rabbit but I don’t think live creatures work. At least this way I would be able to say “You’re nothing but a pack of cards!” and wake.


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