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I’m moving to the Alternate Universe.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Fringe through 3.12 “Concentrate and Ask Again”. Plus rage.

The Good
Cortexikid I really like all the Cortexiphan children. I wish the show was about them. Simon the Mindreader was awesomely tragic and I liked Olivia reaching out to him. I know she was over-identifying with his situation but I think she realized that she was the only person who could befriend him (of course if the show was about the Cortexikids she wouldn’t be). And she did it for the job and she did it because she felt sorry-and-angry about another of Walter’s messes, but then she cared about him, too. I loved the “the tall one thinks you’re pretty” line.

Olivia Kicks Ass Olivia at the party was perfection.

Peter’s Reasoning Hey, Peter’s not an oblivious idiot, he’s just a self-centered ass. Oh, wait, that’s not good.

The Bad
Peter’s Reasoning Can I slap him?

Nina and Olivia’s Coffee Talk Okay, they didn’t actually have coffee. But they gossiped. They bonded over might-have-been love affairs and I really couldn’t find it touching. I found it CREEPY. I understand that it was necessary for plot reasons but . . . I just don’t buy that that scene would happen. I mean, maybe Nina was manipulating Olivia? And Olivia is so worn down she was manipulated? But it was a clunky scene and it started the episode so there was this cloud over the rest.

Peter and Olivia’s Coffee Talk I am pretty sick of these “let’s talk about our feelings” scenes to begin with but “let’s talk about our feelings in the middle of an investigation”?! It would have been FINE if they talked when he gave her the wrong coffee or when they were in the car on the way to get Walter or something. But IN the suspect’s bedroom?! SERIOUSLY?! GET A GRIP OLIVIA.

If one more person tiptoes around Olivia’s Feelings. . . Over the course of the last two episodes every single character has said something along the lines of “Poor Olivia having to deal with Peter’s relationship with Fauxlivia”. Every. Single. Character. How about Poor Olivia got stuck in another universe and was brainwashed into believing she was somebody else? How about Poor Olivia lost her mother a second time? How about Poor Olivia was experimented on as a child in the first place? How about Poor Olivia DOESN’T NEED YOUR PITY BECAUSE SHE IS ACTUALLY KICK ASS OLIVIA. And yes, she does need some support and she does need to talk about it but how about she talks to someone with some measure of impartiality? Who might realize that all of Olivia’s issues do not in fact revolve around Peter Bishop and his six week liaison with Not Her.

The Idk
Sam Eh. I needed a scene with Olivia and Sam. As it was it was like Hey, remember this guy? He knows everything. And he’s in with Nina (she’s just buddy buddy with everybody now). And he’s going to make weird prophetic statements about Peter who I don’t actually remember him ever speaking to but whatever, obvsly he has Seekrit powers and he’s probably an alien and he used to be an Observer and I can think of all kinds of cool things for him to have/be but really I liked him better as Olivia’s weird friend.

Peter’s Feelings/Olivia’s Feelings I just. Don’t ship it. I wouldn’t really care except for. . .

The Ugly
So the fate of the universe depends on Peter liking the “right” Olivia. Okay . . . did Walter create this situation when he stole Peter? The weird ancient alien civilization foresaw one bereaved father creating one unique individual who would fall in love with two women because she was undercover? What. The. Fuck. What does that even MEAN? It totally gives all new meaning to “The One”. I am kind of insulted. It’s not even that I don’t think that kind of love exists. I don’t think that kind of love is healthy. I think it is entirely UNhealthy. And to put Peter, who has NO REFERENCE WHATSOEVER  for “True Love”, into that position is pretty much EVIL. There is NO right choice. He gets to DESTROY A UNIVERSE and whichever he chooses, how can they possibly live happy ever after? Or even together. I mean picture it: “Peter, you didn’t unload the dishwasher.” “Remember when I decided to kill off an entire universe for you? Unload your own damn dishes.”

It’s even more ridiculous than Q Squared (Peter David’s TNG novel that purports every universe everywhere revolves around Picard and Crusher being together — and there is one, only one, where Jack Crusher survives and Wesley dies, making Jack the Peter AND the Walter in this scenario which almost makes me think JJ Abrams has read this book, too. . .He IS a Trek fan, obvs). ANYWAY. It’s even more ridiculous than that. At least in the book it only really affected those three people. And Wesley. In Fringe the fate of everyone depends on Peter figuring out how not to trigger the stupid machine with his magic indecisive love. Which I ASSUME is how it will go because actually destroying an entire universe would be WRONG. Oh! That’s why the Observers want him to die! What do you think happens if Peter disappears from the universes? The machine just goes dormant again?

This technology is absurd.



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