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“My” Shows

We just got the ability to DVR so I am thinking about television. Here is my current schedule of shows:

House: I don’t know why I am still watching but I can’t quit

Glee : I watch with Kiki and it’s always fun
Hellcats: LOVE

Survivor: The whole family watches together
Top Chef: Kiki, my brother and I watch. I’m over this season, but I still watch.

Fairly Legal: Another show I watch with Kiki, though I would watch it by myself (she used to watch Hellcats with me but no longer does). To be fair, we usually watch Saturday morning, but we try to catch every week.

Fringe: Having DVR has already made it easier for me to not miss what should be my favorite show on right now but hasn’t been this season. It was the first show I recorded 😉

There are shows I watch that are currently on hiatus (Burn Notice, Mad Men, Leverage, etc.) and there are shows that I sort of watch when they’re on in the room (Castle). And I watch Law and Order daily. Anyway, I can’t decide if this is a lot or a little. It seems like a lot but people are always talking about shows I don’t watch and I know they also watch some of what I do watch. Not that this is an important question, it’s just sort of interesting to me. What are the shows I spend my time and energy on?

I like lists, so here’ s a list of my top five all time “My Shows”:

Law and Order: I will watch any episode. My dream teams are Briscoe/Curtis/Van Buren/McCoy/Kincaid/Schiff and Lupo/Bernard/Van Buren/Cutter/Rubirosa/McCoy. I may mourn this show forever, but luckily it is always on in syndication.

Star Trek: Voyager: all Star Treks, but Voyager is my most favourite

E.R.: I have no idea what happened in the last seasons but I can’t discount this one (I feel I will be writing the same thing about House soon).

La Femme Nikita: Still my favourite spy show

Dawson’s Creek: I know it should be embarrassing but it’s not

They’re not really in order but those are the five that come to mind. I don’t argue that these are the best shows of all time but they are the ones I love the most. If I wrote a list of favourite TV characters, pairings, actors, episodes, whatever, these shows would populate the answers.

It’s just interesting to think about.


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