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Well behaved women rarely make history.

HEROCLIX March Madness

I don’t know why it took so long for me to come to this idea.

The Tournament

(1) There are 16 teams. 8 Marvel and 8 DC. 8 Heroes and 8 Villains.
(2) There are 5 characters on each team. The character may have the Team as a keyword or the Team Ability. There are no point limits. Only 1 representation of each character is allowed in the tournament.
(3) Each game is 1 hour long. Most points wins.

The Brackets

(1) DC Heroes
Batman Family (Christian)
Justice League (Anika)
Justice Society (Christian)
Teen Titans (Anika)

(2) DC Villains
Batman Enemies (Anika)
Calculator (Christian)
Injustice League (Anika)
Superman Enemies (Christian)

(3) Marvel Heroes
Avengers (Christian)
Defenders (Christian)
Fantastic Four (Anika)
X-Men (Anika)

(4) Marvel Villains
Brotherhood of Mutants (Anika)
Masters of Evil (Christian)
Minions of Doom (Christian)
Sinister Syndicate (Anika)

The games begin tomorrow night!


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