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Heroclix March Madness Round 1.1

Bracket: DC HEROES

Justice Society of America versus Teen Titans

For the JSA: Captain Marvel, Flash (Jay Garrett), Liberty Belle, Power Girl, Uncle Sam. Team total: 760

For the Titans: Kid Flash (Bart Allen), Miss Martian, Superboy, Supergirl, Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark). Team total: 596

This was a beatdown, the JSA were in command of the game from the get go and the Titans were defeated without a single KO. Admittedly, the Titans had a points deficit that really showed up in their attack/defense numbers. The Titans are a strong team that can do a lot of damage — but they have to hit first and the JSA’s defense never went below 17.


The Titans really dropped the ball in not attempting to take out Billy Bastian when he was vulnerable; once he powered up he was a near unstoppable force. Cute kid, though.

Jay and Bart ran around the board attempting to hit each other because neither does enough damage to hit anyone else on the board.

The best fight of the match was between Power Girl and Supergirl in a bout for Supergirl Supremacy. As you will see below, Kara was a bit bitter about the outcome.

The sweetest moments of the match came when Kon and Cassie each sacrificed themselves in an attempt to save the other. Unfortunately for the team, they were both knocked out of the competition as a result.


“We had a swell time fighting those Titans. And that Supergirl was a bearcat. She was the bee’s knees!” – Jay Garrett

“I was only on this team because Cassie wanted me.” – Kara Zor-El (normally a member of the Superman Allies)


The Brotherhood of Mutants versus The Masters of Evil

For the Brotherhood: Esme Cuckoo, Magneto, Mystique, Polaris, The Scarlet Witch. Team total:436

For the Masters: Baron Zemo, Enchantress, Kang, Ultron, and the Wrecker. Team total: 783

Despite an even greater difference in points, this was a much less one-sided game and in fact, the underdogs won. It would be difficult to choose an MVP for the Brotherhood, each member more than pulled her weight. That said, Wanda’s probability control absolutely made a difference.


Every member of the Brotherhood had a moment to shine but a couple really stood out: Wanda was a dutiful daughter and ran out of her protected bush to stop Ultron’s attack on Magneto, Magneto in turn attacked Ultron — but it was Wanda who delivered the killing blow to the evil robot who could be considered an in-law.

And Esme really showed her mettle when she chose to attack Kang instead of running for cover. She was rewarded by making it to the very end along with Magneto.

On the Masters’ side, the most memorable moment was when Enchantress telekinetically dropped a dumpster on Wanda. Though her team had no chance at winning by that point, it was a big move and got attention.


“Though my own century fears me as the most ruthless conquerer of all time, my triumph is a hollow one so long as the 21st century escapes my tyranny.” – Kang

“We proved our superiority once again, it is as simple as that.” – Magneto


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