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Well behaved women rarely make history.

In which I ask the internet to weigh in on a new hairstyle.

I love fashion and the look I am currently going for is 1920’s-ish. The flapper silhouette has always been good for my body type and my spring hat (my “signature piece” at the moment) is a cloche:

But my hair is long so I am now contemplating a cut. Here’s Naomi’s hair under the hat:

This style would not be much of a cut, it would be taking my straight hair and giving it a curl. Curling it daily, or even consistently, is just too much trouble but I’ve never tried a permanent so I don’t know how it would work or look. And this is more depression era than flapper era. But it wouldn’t be as drastic as:

This would be cutting off a lot of hair. A little fuller:

Love the movie, love the look, but still, big change. Modern, non-movie pic:

On Katie it’s a little longer, and since it grew back relatively quickly, it doesn’t feel as drastic looking at her. But I haven’t had bangs in a while, so:

This is somewhat back to the top with Naomi, but Marion’s curls are softer. Pulled back:

That’s close to the finger-wave 1920’s look:

And Marion’s would be easier to achieve than the actual which would involve ironing (and is really short). Finally, there is the full on Mal Cobb:

As Marion shows up three times I am possibly leaning toward the no bangs, longer, curlier bob but I am very indecisive. Thoughts welcome!


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  fuzzytypewriter wrote @

The Cotillard for sure.

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