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25 Things About the Last Harry Potter Movie (SPOILERS)

Caveat: I’m tired! And I’ve only seen the movie the once. And I’m tired. I use words like “perfect” and “flawless” and “love” and it’s likely that those are overstating it BUT the point is I am very happy with the film. Here are my 25 kinda incoherent first impression thoughts:

1. Ron is Han Solo! (And the trio scene on the steps is very RotJ Ewok Village Bridge too. Plus Hermione’s “I’ll go with you” is in the running for my favourite moment.)
2. HBC as Hermione as Bellatrix is perfection
3. Snape clutching Lily’s body A++
4. Harry and Snape A+++
6. He said my line!!!! My line is in the movie!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Minerva McGonagall is my HERO
8. Since you threw out the book for the Battle of Hogwarts (not complaining! good on you!) couldn’t you have done the same for 19 Years Later? Stupid epilogue.
9. Except OMG Albus Severus Potter you are one adorable child.
10. And, movies, I do appreciate that you stick to your hardcore Harry/Hermione slant right to the end. Harry’s married to Ginny and Hermione’s married to Ron but that’s not gonna stop you from ending the movie with Harry and Hermione front and center.
11. Yes, Ron was there. But that was not a trio shot y’all. That was Harry and Hermione are Soulmates and also Ron is here. Kinda. In a blur.
12. I got all the way to 12 and haven’t mentioned the Malfoys yet. This is a CRIME. Malfoys FOREVER.
13. I didn’t like Narcissa in the Half-Blood Prince but she is perfect in Deathly Hallows. NARCISSA MALFOY IS ALSO MY HERO.
14. And Molly, yes, of course. But Narcissa ❤
16. Everything about my Malfoys is perfect.
17. This is a comment about Snape being flawless.
18. Was Grindelwald in this movie? No. Was anything about Dumbledore's past explained? No. Do I care? No. Do I maybe prefer it? Yes. (Aberforth was cool)
19. 19 is my favourite number. My first impression favourite thing is: Malfoys.
20. Women are well represented in this movie. Hermione, Luna, Minerva, Molly, Narcissa…
21. How cute are Neville and Luna?! And Neville kicks ass.
22. Still mad about how old Lily&James look but then Alan Rickman gets to be every Snape except the 11 year old (and he's wondrous) so, OK. Also, 11 year old Snape and Lily are darling.
23. Oh yeah, that dragon was boss.
24. I think I am happy with everything in the movie except Ginny. And that wouldn't matter except that I love Ginny in the books. Oh and Helena Ravenclaw was kinda pointless?
25. I love Harry Potter.


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